Our Culture

Company and Individual Team culture

We uphold company and individual team culture in high regard and believe it must be guarded and extended by every member of the team.

Our Culture

We innovate and re-think solutions from the ground up.

A lot of what we do is exploring and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team has a sense of purpose, with a diligent approach towards processes, documentation and communication.

Our office is a safe space for all, with open communication lines at all organization levels. Each team member is highly encouraged to share their ideas and to challenge the status quo.

We are a group of people who believe in cooperation and amplifying each other’s success, and we acknowledge and appreciate each other’s hard work.

What our employee says

We’ve built an incredible team of experienced people that share our passion for leveraging on technology, capable from building a simple product to maintaining a full ecosystem.

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    Creativity is intelligence having fun

    Nur Shazana

    Team Lead - Design

    Being creative is a delightful expression of our intellectual capacities. Embracing this concept, remember that engaging in creative endeavors isn't just about producing masterpieces, but also about enjoying the process of using your intellect to explore new horizons. So, let your intelligence flourish through imaginative play, and revel in the joy of learning, discovering, and innovating.

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    Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M)

    Wong Choon Min

    Team Lead Business Intelligence

    By harnessing the strengths, diverse perspectives, and talents of each team member, the collective synergy generates innovative solutions and overcomes challenges. Fostering an environment of open communication and mutual support amplifies productivity and drives accomplishments beyond what could be attained in isolation.

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    Positivity is the spark that ignites the fire of imagination.

    Hanis Badrina

    Associate QA Consultant

    When you approach life with a positive outlook, you create a fertile ground for your mind to dream, innovate, and envision the extraordinary. Embrace positivity to fuel your imagination, and watch as your ideas and aspirations blaze into remarkable realities.

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    Once something is a passion, the motivation is there

    Murphy Fong

    Head of Project Management

    Having previously studied and worked in Korea, I have always been inspired by their strong work ethic and commitment to succeed. These similar traits are also very prevalent in the TC ITECH, and this was a major factor in my decision to join the team.

    Currently assigned as an Head of  Project Management, I help my team to analyse and translate complex issues at hand, into workable solutions for our automotive clients.  We really gel together and have fun when carrying out our work. I am happy to see my team members grow more independent and become more capable as each project progresses.

  • Fadzillah Yusof

    Nothing Shakes the Smiling Heart

    Fadzillah Yusof

    Executive PHP/Wordpress Developer

    The multi-cultural and multi-faceted work culture that exists within TC ITECH really energized me to do my work and I enjoy interacting with my colleagues and clients.

    Each day brings new challenges to surmount. My colleagues are a bunch of creative and hard-working professionals. We work smart and we work hard. We also party hard too! 

    Whenever my team delivers a piece of work that fulfills and sometimes exceeds the client’s expectations, this really brings a smile to my face.