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Behind every great Product, lies a great Team working together

From product to a full ecosystem, we’ve built an incredible team of experienced people that share our passion for disruptive technology and vision of a new digital transformation landscape.

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Developing a game-changing platform requires expertise from a wide spectrum of fields.

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Our vision is to empower clients in digital transformation for smarter work, happier customers and stronger businesses.

From idea to intelligence, we drive digital transformation. Our strong tech know-how & can-do culture inspires progress and performance.

Note from Key Management

nick tan

Nicholas Tan Chye Seng

Executive Vice President

The world that we live in is no longer the world that we grew up in. Many things that we take for granted nowadays were things that we never thought of, even as recently as 10 years back. We can share information from the cloud at a client meeting, request for a shared ride to get back home, and on the way, order our favourite dinner to be delivered piping hot to our door.

Technology is the key driver and enabler for these ideas and realizing our vision. I have always believed in IT as an integral part of our business. Rather than regarding TC ITECH as just another department and cog in the wheel, I liken my relationship with the team as a collaborative effort that will help drive Tan Chong into a more successful future and transform our lives.

I am very proud to help them usher in this new age with their re-branding exercise and launch of their new logo, and wish the team all the best in their journey!

Tse Pei Chen

Tse Pei Chen

Chief Executive Officer

We have recently embarked on a journey to transform and cast away the previous mindset shackling our vision and ambitions.

Together we can overcome obstacles and transcend our capabilities. In order to this, the teams are equipped with the best tools at hand: the Knowledge to carry out their tasks and assignments, Courage to question the existing norms, and the Drive and Commitment to succeed as ONE TEAM.

When I see the team now working together and solving technical issues that they previously thought of as complex and insurmountable, is always a moment for me to cherish. I am very proud of my team and look forward to a bright future for TC ITECH

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TC ITECH is a subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad. We provide ICT services throughout the various Groups and its subsidiaries namely, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, Warisan TC Holdings Berhad and APM Automotive Holdings Berhad.

With our strong background in automotive management solutions and technologies, TC ITECH has developed many proven automotive management systems over the years. We consult with our customers to provide best-fit solutions throughout their entire business landscape, from Vehicles Assembly, to Sales and Services, and Automotive Parts Maintenance, and the related Warehousing and Inventory solutions. In addition, our experienced team also provides end-to-end maintenance and support services.

TC ITECH supports key business operations throughout the region. We have teams operating from offices in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in Malaysia, and we also have a highly dedicated teams located in Danang and Hanoi in Vietnam, supporting the Tan Chong Indochina based operations as well.

  • Tse Pei Chen

    Together Everyone Achieve More - T.E.A.M

    Tse Pei Chen

    Chief Executive Officer

    My biggest achievement will be the day when WE have accomplished TC ITECH's vision and mission as ONE TEAM. Seeing how the team solve problems and obstacles TOGETHER with FULL COMMITMENT is always the proudest moments of all.

  • Tan Chee Siang

    Changing Impossible to I'm Possible

    Tan Chee Siang

    Head of Consulting

    As the Head of Consulting for TC ITECH, my role is to ensure that my team, many of whom I've worked with before in previous roles, deliver projects on time and with the best possible fit for our clients. We all interact as one big family unit, and ensure that...

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  • Murphy Fong

    Once something is a passion, the motivation is there

    Murphy Fong

    IT Project Manager

    Having previously studied and worked in Korea, I have always been inspired by their strong work ethic and commitment to succeed. These similar traits are also very prevalent in the TC ITECH, and this was a major factor in my decision to join the team.Currently assigned as an IT Project...

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  • Fadzilah Yusof

    Nothing shakes the smiling heart

    Fadzilah Yusof

    Web Developer

    I am currently working as a Web Developer in TC ITECH. There are two main components of my job: I carry out regular website trouble-shooting and support work, and I am also involved in website design and content development.The multi-cultural and the multi-faceted work culture that exists within TC ITECH surprised me...

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  • Caroline Nguyen

    Storms make trees take deeper roots

    Caroline Nguyen

    Senior Executive

    In 2019, I was offered the opportunity to work with TC ITECH in Malaysia. Assigned as the Lead Business Analyst for an Enterprise-wide IT Transformation project, this experience proved invaluable, it has enabled me to enhance my current strengths and develop new leadership and management skills. I've since returned to continue...

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